Spotify Duo Not Working

Spotify Duo Not Working? [9 Effective Fixes]

Spotify Duo offers a discounted plan for two users living at the same address. Due to its benefits, most users wish to choose this plan, but after choosing it, they discover Spotify Duo doesn’t work and shows an error.

Quick Answer:
Spotify Duo might not work because of the location issues, as both users must have the same address. Try using the same Spotify Duo address and joining from an incognito window or a different device.

In this post, I’ve discussed the major reasons for Spotify Duo Not Working and possible fixes. So let’s get started.

Why Is Spotify Duo Not Working? Major Reasons

Spotify Duo might not work because of the following reasons:

  • The addresses of the two users are different
  • The other person might be linked with any other Duo subscription.
  • You might be using a VPN
  • Expired Invite Link
  • Account Issue
  • Device Issue
  • Bugs or glitches

Now you’ve got all the possible reasons for the Spotify Duo failure, it’s time to move toward the fixes of the issue.

why spotify duo is not working

Fixing Spotify Duo Not Working issue: 9 Possible Fixes

1. Try Using The Same Addresses

While subscribing to Spotify Duo, make sure you and your partner put the same address.

Spotify says, “In order to be eligible for the Premium Duo Subscription, both the primary account holder and the subsidiary account holder of the family must reside at the same address.”

So, your partner must input the same address when they register (using a link provided by you). Spotify Duo won’t work when the address doesn’t match.

2. Ask Your Partner to Cancel Their Other Duo Subscriptions(If Any)

Always ensure your partner is not linked with any other Spotify Duo subscription. If they are linked, request them to cancel the subscription from there.

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Your partner needs to be on the free service or regular Premium only before attempting to join a Duo plan.

Therefore, you might see an error if the other person has a Family Plan or Spotify Duo subscription.

3. Turn Off VPN

I know it’s shocking when you and your partner live at different addresses but want to subscribe to Duo. However, using a VPN isn’t the best solution.

It’s because Spotify may request a time-by-time re-verification of your home addresses to confirm that you still meet the Duo eligibility criteria.

As Spotify says, “We use Google Maps address search to help you find and set your address. The address you enter upon activation or re-verification will be subject to Google Maps”.

So, when you use VPN to dodge Spotify, it catches you and gives you an error.

4. Send Fresh Link

If your partner is getting an error while joining Spotify Duo, the link you sent them may be expired.

Try sending a fresh link if you’re a plan manager. It can be done by logging into your Duo page at

5. Log Out Of Account Page

This is the most common issue with the account when you sign up for Duo and don’t log out of your account page first.

Try logging out of your account page first while using the same device to sign up for Spotify Duo.

6. Try Using Incognito Window

Using an Incognito window is the most effective fix.

The Incognito or private browsing mode ensures a clean session without stored login credentials or linked accounts.

This allows you to sign in to Spotify Duo with the correct credentials and prevents potential conflicts caused by cached data or previously linked accounts.

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7. Try Using Other Device

Also, try using the other device to join Spotify Duo.

Using another device can help fix the Duo issue by providing a fresh connection to Spotify servers, avoiding device-specific cache or login issues.

By logging in on a different device, you can ensure a clean session and resolve any problems that might have arisen due to the device you previously used.

8. Restart Your Device

Spotify Duo can also be affected by bugs or glitches. So, to fix this issue, you need to restart your device.

If you’re using a desktop for purchasing Spotify Duo, restart it. Do the same with your mobile phone and check whether the issue is solved,

9. Contact Spotify Support

Lastly, when none of the solutions works, the last option is to contact Spotify support.

I’m sure that they can help you fix the issue as they have the expertise and resources to deal with account-related problems and technical glitches.

They can provide personalized assistance, investigate the problem with your Duo subscription, and guide you through the steps to fix it.

how to fix spotify duo not working

What Should I Do When Spotify Duo Doesn’t Work?

I recommend waiting 24 hours if you can’t fix the Spotify Duo issue. After 24 hours, if the issue persists, cancel your subscription and go with the Premium Solo Plan.

It’s better to cancel the subscription rather than leave it unsolved. In such a situation, your time and money will be wasted.

As Spotify says clearly, “We can’t refund.” You can cancel Premium at any time and keep what you paid for. You’ll remain Premium until your next payment is due.

So, canceling the Spotify Duo subscription is recommended, and you won’t be charged next month.

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Does Spotify Verify The Address In Spotify Duo?

Yes, Spotify, Upon activating any Premium Duo Subscription accounts, will ask to verify your home address.

As I already mentioned above, Spotify asks from time to time for a re-verification of your home address to confirm that you are still meeting the eligibility criteria.

So, it’s important to put the same address for both users and try not to dodge Spotify using VPN or any other proxy method.

As Spotify clearly says that. “Spotify reserves the right to terminate or suspend access to the Spotify Premium Duo service immediately and at any time if you fail to meet the eligibility criteria and as otherwise set out in the Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use.”

So yes, it verifies both addresses during the Spotify Duo subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Spotify Duo Not Working?

Spotify Duo might not work because of the location issues, as both users must have the same address, or the other person is linked with another Duo account.

How Can I Fix My Spotify Duo Not Working?

You can use the same address, ask your partner to cancel their other Duo subscriptions, and disable VPN to fix the Spotify Duo issue.

Can I Have More Than Two Users On Spotify Duo?

No, Spotify Duo is limited to only two users residing at the same address.

Final Words

The article concluded that Spotify Duo might not work because of the location issues as both users must have the same address or the other person is linked with another Duo account.

Hopefully, you now know why Spotify Duo is not working and how to fix it.

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