How to Turn Off Shuffle on Amazon Music

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Amazon Music? [5 Quick Steps]

After the November 2022 update, many Amazon Prime subscribers have faced challenges, with the Shuffle feature being a prominent issue. Users are struggling to disable Shuffle on Amazon Music and are seeking solutions.

If you’re also wondering how to turn off Shuffle on Amazon Music, don’t worry—I’ll provide you with a quick answer.

Quick Answer:
To turn off the Shuffle on Amazon, you need to upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited plan. After upgrading, open a song or playlist, and you’ll see the shuffle option with the double criss-crossed arrow symbol.

Got the answer? I know you’re still confused about why Amazon limited the Shuffle feature accessibility. Stay connected in this post; I’ll tell you more interesting facts. So let’s get started.

Does Amazon Music Have A Shuffle Option?

Amazon Music offers a shuffle option turned on by default in the Prime Music and Free Amazon Music plans.

The shuffle feature plays songs in a randomized order. According to Amazon Music, this feature enhances your listening experience by adding variety to your playlists and songs.

When activated, it shuffles the sequence of your songs in the playlist, allowing you to enjoy your music collection in a different order each time you listen.

Can You Stop Amazon Music Shuffle?

Can You Stop Amazon Music Shuffle

Amazon Music Shuffle can only be stopped in the Unlimited plan, which is the top plan. Unless you have Amazon Music Unlimited, you cannot turn it off.

Before the November 2022 update, Amazon Prime Music users could also disable Shuffle. However, only Amazon Music Unlimited users can turn it off after the update.

Now that you know the real answer. The next section of the guide will explain how to turn off the Shuffle if you have the Unlimited Amazon Music plan. 

You should upgrade to the Unlimited plan if you are on Amazon Prime Music or Free.

How To Disable Shuffle On Amazon Music? A Step-By-Step Guide

I’ve explained how to disable the Shuffle function on Amazon Music on various devices. Use the one that corresponds to your device.

On Mobile Device:

  1. Open the Amazon Music app on your mobile phone.
  2. Start playing your playlist or a song.
  3. In the playback controls, look for the two criss-crossed arrows. That’s the Shuffle option. 
  4. If the Shuffle option is blued, it means it is turned on. Click on it to turn it off.
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shuffle in amazon music
  1. Once it grayed out, it indicated that shuffle mode was now off.

On Web Player

  1. Open the web browser on the desktop and go to the Amazon Music web player. You can also download Amazon Music app.
  2. Start playing the playlist or any song.
  3. In the playback controls, look for the two criss-crossed arrows. That’s the Shuffle option. 
  4. Click on it to turn it off. Once it’s grayed out, the shuffle feature is disabled.

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Amazon Music Alexa

To turn off shuffle mode on Amazon Music using Alexa, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Voice Command: Say, “Alexa, turn off shuffle mode.” 
  2. Specific Playback: If you’re listening to a playlist, album, or artist, you can also say, “Alexa, play in order” to ensure songs play sequentially instead of shuffling.

Note: Alexa also requires an Amazon Music Unlimited Plan to work. So, use the unlimited plan to turn off the Shuffle feature using Alexa.

Troubleshooting Amazon Music Shuffle Mode Not Turning Off

If the shuffle mode is not disabled on your device, try following these fixes.

1. Upgrade To Amazon Music Unlimited Plan

As mentioned, you can only turn off the Shuffle feature in the Unlimited plan. So, if you’re trying to disable it in a Prime or free plan, it’s useless.

So, subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited plan to unlock the limitation of the Shuffle feature.

If you have the unlimited plan and cannot turn off the Shuffle feature, try following the below fixes.

2. Re Login To Your Account

Sometimes, your account could have technical issues, which may hinder the Shuffle feature functionality.

In this case, you should log out of your account from the device, wait for 5-10 minutes, and then log in back to your device.

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3. Try Reinstalling The Amazon Music App

If the issue persists, try reinstalling your app. The issue arises because of the corrupted files, which limits the Shuffle feature functionality.

By installing the new version of the Amazon Music app, the fresh version of the app will be installed on your device. 

After installing, check whether the issue is solved or not.

Tip: If you want to play Amazon Music songs on your device , try using the Amazon Music Converter (Amazon Music Downloader) to download songs from Amazon Music.

What is Amazon Music Shuffle Mode

Why Amazon Music Prime and Free Plans Lack Shuffle Accessibility?

Amazon Music lacks shuffle accessibility in its Prime and free plans to encourage users to consider upgrading to the Unlimited Plan.

Below are some other reasons for Shuffle feature accessibility:

  • Encouragement for Amazon Music Unlimited: Shuffle is unavailable in Amazon Music Shuffle and Free plans, so users may want to upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited.
  • Enhanced Features With Unlimited Subscriptions: With Amazon Music Unlimited, you can control shuffle settings, play songs on demand, and access a larger music library.
  • Differentiation in Subscription Tiers: Amazon differentiates its plans by reserving some features, like shuffle control, for the Unlimited plan.

What is Amazon Music Shuffle Mode?

Amazon Music Shuffle mode is a feature that provides you with a diverse listening experience by playing the songs randomly in the playlist.

With this feature, you won’t get bored by listening to the songs in the same order repeatedly. This feature will play songs in new order every time you listen.

In short, it shuffles the sequence of the songs in your playlist, thus allowing you to enjoy the music collection in a different order each time.

Why Is Amazon Music Shuffling?

Amazon Music shuffles to enhance the user’s listening experience by providing a new order of songs each time in the playlist.

The major aim of this feature is to ensure that songs are played in a randomized order, offering a fresh way to enjoy your music collection. 

In short, Amazon Music shuffles to prevent predictability and keep your music listening engaging.

How Does Amazon Music Shuffle Work?

In Amazon Music Shuffle, songs are rearranged randomly in a playlist, album, or library. 

The music player plays songs in a randomized order by enabling shuffle mode, enhancing variety and surprise. 

As a result, each playback session offers a unique arrangement of songs, preventing predictability and adding spontaneity.

However, there is no public disclosure of Amazon Music’s algorithm to shuffle tracks. But with Shuffle feature, you can pick and play any song.

Is Amazon Music Shuffle Random?

The Amazon Music Shuffle feature is intended to be random. A playlist, album, or library’s songs are played randomly when you activate shuffle mode. 

To ensure a diverse and unpredictable listening experience, songs will be selected without any specific pattern or predictability.

Your music playback will be more exciting and varied with this randomness.

If you want to know how to turn off Spotify Smart Shuffle, Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does Amazon Music Shuffle Albums?

Amazon Music shuffles albums to provide users a fresh experience, avoiding repetitive playback in song selection.

How To Turn Off Amazon Prime Shuffle?

Unfortunately, you can’t turn off the shuffle on Amazon Prime music after the November 2022 update.

What Is The Shuffle Icon On Amazon Music?

The shuffle icon on Amazon Music is the Two Criss Crossed Arrows.


The article concluded that you need to upgrade to Unlimited plan to turn off the shuffle on Amazon music unlimited. After upgrading, open a song or playlist, and you’ll see the shuffle option with the double criss-crossed arrow symbol.

Vice versa is the method to turn on shuffle feature to listen to the music.

Hopefully, now you should know how to turn off the Shuffle mode on Amazon Music tracks and all the related queries.

All the answers and guides above result from my testing and personal experience. I am confident that you will find them highly beneficial for your needs.

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