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Harry Potter Audiobook Spotify: [Listen in 2023]

On May 5, 2022, Spotify launched the new Harry Potter at home readings: an audiobook of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” But in November 2020, this audiobook suddenly disappeared from Spotify, which confused many people.

Quick Answer:
The Harry Potter Audiobook was removed from Spotify in November 2020 because of legal Copyright issues, as individuals posted that content without appropriate licensing for sharing. 

I’ve discussed amazing facts about the Harry Potter audiobook Spotify in this post. So without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

Why Were Harry Potter Audiobooks Removed From Spotify?

Harry Potter audiobooks were posted by individuals who don’t even have appropriate licensing for charging this content.

So, according to Spotify’s policy on Copyright, that content was removed from Spotify.

After that, users see the error message on the Harry Potter audiobooks when all the parts are gone. Still, we can’t find the Harry Potter audiobooks on Spotify, as the files are missing from the playlists.

It’s important to note that Spotify takes Copyright infringement seriously and performs several measures to protect artists’ rights. 

Spotify uses strict technology like Content ID Systems to identify and manage copyrighted material.

As you can see in the below image that nothing is available in the Harry Potter Audiobooks Spotify.

Who Uploaded Harry Potter Audio Books On Spotify?

Who Uploaded Harry Potter Audio Books On Spotify?

According to the users in the Spotify community, a woman named Samantha uploaded the Harry Potter Audio Books in May 2020. 

Additionally, they reported that she had a cat’s voice and random knocks in the background while narrating Harry Potter.

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Upon researching, I discovered that she’s a tiktoker named Samantha who narrates audiobooks. 

According to the some users, Harry Potter audio book was narrated by some celebrity Daniel with only one chapter.

The Harry Potter audiobooks were popular on Spotify, but when it comes to privacy, Spotify isn’t hesitant to make changes. So, the audiobooks got deleted.

Why Were Harry Potter Audiobooks Removed?

Harry Potter AudioBook Cost On Spotify?

There was no fee for streaming the Harry Potter audiobook on Spotify, regardless of whether the user was a free or premium subscriber.

That’s why people loved the audiobook, but unfortunately, the publisher didn’t have a legal licensing agreement for sharing. For this reason, Spotify takes action on this and removes the whole audiobook.

The audiobook is still on Spotify with their episodes title, but you can’t search, open or download them as Spotify removes them.

Look at this image, you can’t open these episodes.

Why did Spotify take down Harry Potter Audiobooks?

Alternatives To Stream Harry Potter AudioBook?

You can enjoy Harry Potter audiobooks on Audible, Google Play, Amazon Music, and Apple Books.

However, some of these platforms require a premium subscription for streaming, but they are legit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Still Listen To Harry Potter Audiobooks On Spotify?

Unfortunately, Harry Potter audiobooks have been removed by Spotify due to legal copyright issues.

Why did Spotify take down Harry Potter Audiobooks?

The reason for removing Harry Potter audiobooks is due to the licensing agreement and copyright issues.

How Can I Listen to the Harry Potter Audiobooks?

You can listen to Harry Potter audiobooks on Audible, Google Play, Amazon Music, and Apple Books.

Final Words

The post concluded that the Harry Potter audiobook is unavailable on Spotify as it was removed due to legal licensing and Copyright issues.

Now that you know everything about Harry Potter audiobooks and the reasons behind their removal, you probably understand what happened better at that time.

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