Finding the Perfect Musical Companion: Buying Your First Violin

If you’re an aspiring musician, purchasing your first instrument is a major milestone. With so many options on the market, from budget beginner models to professional handcrafted violins costing thousands, it can be challenging to find the right fit. When buying a violin, you’ll need to consider a few factors. However, in this article, we’ll talk about two factors – budget and new vs. used violins. Stick with us as we try to help you decide on your first violin.

The excitement and importance of choosing your first violin

For any new violinist or musician, selecting their first violin is a big deal and an exciting part of their journey. After all the time spent dreaming about playing your first violin, you finally get to make it a reality by getting an instrument you can call your own. It’s an important choice too, because a good quality beginner violin that is set up properly will be much easier to learn on.

However, don’t let your excitement ruin your plans. You want to find a violin that is comfortable to hold, sounds decent, and has strings that aren’t too difficult to press down. This will allow you to focus on proper technique rather than struggling with an instrument that fights back against you. But why is it important to choose your first violin?

This is because it will set your first impression of violins and your musical journey. You’ll form memories playing your first recitals and concerts with it. Even as you eventually upgrade to a more professional instrument, you’ll look back fondly at the violin that started it all. That’s why taking the time to find a violin that fits your needs and budget is so essential. 

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Determining your budget

It’s important to understand that setting a budget is a real deal when purchasing instruments. Why? It’s because you’ll see endless violin options or brands out there, and if you don’t set a budget, you’ll have a hard time picking one. 

Violins have a huge range when it comes to pricing. There are student models that start from $100 to $1000. For intermediate violins, they are worth $500 to $2000, and professional level starting from $2000 can go up to $10,000 or even higher.

It’s important to set reasonable expectations for what you can afford. You want an instrument that will sound good, be playable, and last you a while, rather than the cheapest one possible.

New vs. Used Violins

When buying a violin for beginners, many are torn between getting a new one or a used violin. Well, there are good arguments on both sides.

First, new violins offer predictability and peace of mind. You know the exact history of the instrument. There’s no wear and tear or potential damage to worry about. Plus, you’ll enjoy a complete set-up instrument. Meanwhile, used violins can provide great value, especially for beginners on a budget. Well-maintained used instruments can play just as well as new ones. 

The only issue with buying used violins is the presence of minor cosmetic blemishes, and no warranty is given.


Purchasing your first violin is an exciting moment, but it also requires careful consideration. Take the time to determine your skill level, budget, and musical goals. Consult with instructors and experienced violinists to get recommendations. Likewise, consider trying out a variety of instruments in your price range. With an understanding of your needs and the factors involved, you’ll soon discover a violin that fits you perfectly. 

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