Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone? [Quick Guide]

Spotify users are always eager to support their favorite artists but are unsure if it’s possible. Due to this, they ask whether Spotify notifies artists when they follow them.

Quick Answer:
No, Spotify does not notify users when someone follows them, so you won’t receive notifications when someone follows you.

Stay tuned to the end of the post to find out the reason for this Spotify action and all the related questions. So let’s get started.

Spotify’s Follow Notification Truth: My Hands-on Experience

spotify notification truth

In my testing, I discovered that Spotify does not send follow notifications to users.

To do this, I utilized my own Spotify and my friend’s accounts on their phone. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process: 

  • I opened the Spotify app on my device and used the search bar to find my friend’s account. 
  • Upon locating my friend’s account, I proceeded to visit their profile and clicked the “Follow” button to initiate the following action. 
  • After the completion of the following action, I immediately checked my friend’s phone to see if a notification was received. 
  • However, contrary to expectations, my friend did not receive any notification regarding the following action.
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This firsthand experience suggests that, based on the experiment, Spotify does not send notifications to users when others follow them.

Why Spotify Don’t Have Follower Notification

The exact reasons behind Spotify’s follower notification decision are not publicly disclosed but below are some possible reasons:

  • User privacy: By not sending notifications when Someone follows another user, Spotify allows users to have more control over their privacy and the visibility of their followers.
  • User Experience: Notifications can sometimes become overwhelming, and selectively excluding follower notifications helps keeps the focus on the core music listening experience.

Spotify is not a social media platform, and it primarily focuses on providing its users with the best listening experience. So that’s why there is no follower notification option.

Understanding Spotify’s Following Feature

understanding spotify follow feature

Spotify’s “Following” feature is a social aspect of the platform that allows users to connect with and stay updated on the activity of Artists and other Spotify users. 

Here’s a closer look at how this feature works:

Following Other Users

  • Spotify users can follow their friends, family, artists, playlists, and even public profiles of other Spotify users.
  • Following Someone on Spotify displays their activity and updates in your “Following” section.

Benefits Of Following

  • You’ll receive updates on new releases, playlists, and playlist recommendations if you follow artists or curators.
  • Keep track of your friends’ listening habits, playlists, and public activities by following them.
  • Multiple users can create, edit, and listen to a shared playlist using the Following.

How To Find Out Who Has Followed You

Spotify doesn’t notify you when Someone follows you, but you can see that user using your Spotify settings.

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Follow these steps to find out who followed you:

  1. Launch Spotify and head over to Settings by tapping on the Gear icon.
  2. Tap on your profile.
  3. Click the follower options and see who’s new there.

Types Of Spotify Notifications

Spotify sends notifications, but they are not concerned with tracking followers. It only notifies you regarding music streaming.

Following are the notifications that Spotify sends you:

  • New Releases: Notifications for new releases from artists you follow or listen to frequently. 
  • Discover Weekly: Notifications when your personalized Discover Weekly playlist is updated. 
  • Friend Activity: Notifications about the listening activity of your friends on Spotify. 
  • Concerts and Events: Notifications for upcoming concerts and events featuring artists you like. 
  • Recommendations: Notifications with personalized recommendations based on your listening habits. 
  • Podcast Updates: Notifications for new episodes or releases from your subscribed podcasts. 
  • Playlist Updates: Notifications when playlists you follow are updated.

What Notifications Spotify Don’t Send You?

What Notifications Spotify Don't Send You?

Below are certain types of notifications that Spotify doesn’t send you:

  • Follow notifications: As mentioned, users can’t know when you follow them.
  • Profile view notifications: You can’t get a notification when Someone views your profile and vice versa.
  • Individual Song/Album Play Notifications: Spotify does not send notifications when Someone plays a specific song or album from your profile.
  • Unfollow Notifications: Spotify does not notify users when you unfollow them, and vice versa.

How To Enable Push Notifications For Spotify

To enable push notifications for Spotify, you need to allow the Spotify app from your iPhone’s settings:

  1. Open Settings app, and go to Notification settings.
  2. Tap Spotify and allow notifications.
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After that, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Spotify app and head to Settings by tapping the gear icon.
  2. Tap on notifications.
how to turn on push notification on spotify
  1. Click on the type you want to see notifications.
  2. Enable the push button for it.


Is It Possible To Follow Someone’s Playlist Secretly?

Spotify won’t notify when you follow the person’s playlist. It only shows the number of followers on the playlist. So you can follow the playlist without any hesitation.

Does Spotify Notify When You Unfollow Someone?

No. Spotify protects the user’s privacy and doesn’t notify when you follow or unfollow Someone.

Does Spotify Notify Other Users when you Block Someone?

No. Spotify doesn’t notify other users when you block them because it’s against Spotify’s policy.

Does Spotify Notify the Owner When You Play or Like a Playlist?

Spotify only notifies the owner when you like the playlist. It won’t show a notification to the owner on viewing the playlist.

Does Spotify Notify Users when You Visit Their Profile?

No. Spotify respects users’ privacy and doesn’t notify the owner when you visit their profile. It also doesn’t have profile views count.

Final Words

The whole article concluded that Spotify doesn’t notify when you follow Someone. So, the users can’t know when you follow them.

Hopefully, now you should know all about your question “does Spotify notify when you follow someone” .

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