does nintendo switch have spotify

Does Nintendo Switch Have Spotify? (Explained)

Many Nintendo Switch users wish to listen to Spotify music while playing games. However, they cannot find Spotify on the Switch and ask does Nintendo Switch have Spotify.

Quick Answer:
Nintendo Switch does not have built-in support for Spotify, meaning it cannot be used directly on the console.

But some alternatives can be used to listen to Spotify music on Nintendo Switch. I’ve discussed multiple alternatives, so let’s get started without wasting time.

Does The Nintendo Switch Support Spotify?

Does Nintendo 
Switch Support 

No. Currently, Nintendo Switch doesn’t support Spotify music directly. 

Despite the many unique features that make the Nintendo Switch a highly versatile gaming console, it lacks built-in Spotify app integration.

Switch users are always complaining about the inclusion of Spotify music on Nintendo Switch. Still, till now, there have been no official announcements or updates from Spotify or Nintendo indicating that such integration is underway.

Why Nintendo Switch Don’t Have Spotify?

The lack of Spotify music on Nintendo Switch is because of potential technical difficulties, licensing issues, and strategic decisions.

But neither Spotify app nor Nintendo have spoken publicly regarding this.

The main reason for the unavailability of Spotify on Switch is hardware limitations. The Nintendo Switch has different hardware specifications than other devices supporting Spotify music, like smartphones and tablets.

So, for this reason, Switch hardware may present technical challenges and limitations for running a full-feature Spotify app without any issues.

Alternatives To Listen Spotify Music On Nintendo Switch

Alternatives To Listen Spotify Music On Nintendo Switch

You can use Bluetooth, SD Card, and Google Drive Cloud to listen to Spotify Music on Nintendo Switch. 

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I’ve mentioned a step-by-step guide for each method; choose the one you like:

1. Using Bluetooth Audio

As this feature has been popular among Switch users, I have added support for Spotify music via Bluetooth audio for Switch users to enhance the existing listening experience.

This alternative method works on almost all Switch models, including Nintendo Switch Family, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch – OLED Models.


For wireless controllers: up to 2 devices to the Switch; 

For headphones or speakers: There is a limit of 1 audio device at a time on Switch, but there is a limit of 10 Bluetooth devices.

Follow this step-by-step guide to get this done:

  1. From the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu, open System Settings. 
  2. Scroll down to Bluetooth Audio.
  3. Select Pair Device to search for the available Bluetooth audio devices.
  4. Look for the Bluetooth audio device name and select it.

You can listen to Spotify music songs through your Bluetooth device once connected.

Note: Update your Nintendo Switch to the latest version to access this feature. Also, ensure that no more than 2 wireless controllers are connected to Nintendo Switch.

2. Using Google Play Google Drive Cloud

Spotify music can be downloaded into Google Play or Google Drive for playing through the hidden browser of Nintendo Switch once it has been converted into MP3 or AAC file format.

Follow this step-by-step guide to get this done:

  1. Download Spotify music on your computer.
  2. Download an MP3 file converter. You can choose ViWizard, AudBite, NoteBurner, Spotify Music Converter, and TuneIf. (You can also use an online Spotify to Mp3 converter)
  3. Copy the link of the song you want to download and paste it into the converter. Convert Spotify music and download it in Mp3 or AAC format.
  4. Upload downloaded Spotify music to Google Drive.
  5. Open the Hidden Browser of your Nintendo Switch
  6. Search for Google Play or Google Drive and load your uploaded music files.
  7. Ensure you’re signed in to the same account and enjoy the Spotify music.
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3. Using SD Card

If you can’t access the hidden browser of Nintendo, then don’t worry. You can also use SD Card to listen to Spotify songs.

Follow this step-by-step guide to get this done:

  1. Download Spotify songs using the converter.
  2. Copy those downloaded Spotify music files on an SD Card.
  3. Extract that SD Card and put it in your Nintendo Switch.
  4. Install a third-party app like TriPlayer to play audio files on your Switch.
  5. Play downloaded Spotify songs and enjoy.

Does Switch Have Any Music Apps?

Does Switch Have Any Music Apps?

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch has no music app because it focuses primarily on gaming rather than music streaming.

So due to this reason, the apps mostly available on the Switch are gaming-related. 

Remember, Switch doesn’t even have a Youtube app so that users can watch videos or listen to songs. This shows how straight Nintendo is to its purpose.

Some independent developers have also created unofficial music players and streaming apps for Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo does not officially support them.

Only we can wait for Nintendo’s big announcement in the future to support Spotify music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Music Game On Nintendo Switch?

Yes. There are a lot of music games on the Nintendo Switch, like Thumper, Wandersong, and Soundfall. Users can play games while enjoying music.

Can I Download Spotify On My Nintendo Switch?

No. As of now, Spotify music is not directly available on the Nintendo Switch. But some alternative methods can be used to listen to Spotify music on Nintendo Switch.

Are There Other Music Streaming Services On Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch doesn’t offer any music streaming platform because it primarily focuses on gaming rather than music streaming.

Will Spotify Ever Come To The Nintendo Switch?

As for now, Nintendo or Spotify haven’t announced something like this, but we can wait for this big announcement in the future.

Final Words 

The article concluded that Spotify music isn’t available on Nintendo Switch because it isn’t built-in. As a result, Spotify music cannot be directly used on Nintendo Switch.

Hopefully, now you should know the answer to your question and everything related.

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