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Can You See Who Views Your Spotify? (2023 Crisp Guide)

It’s common for Spotify users to wonder who views their account and whether they can keep an eye on it.

Quick Answer:
No, you cannot see who viewed your Spotify profile due to Spotify’s limitations and privacy policies.

I’ve answered all the questions related to this query in this post. So in the end, you’ll surely be clear about it. So let’s get started.

Why Doesn’t Spotify Notify You When Someone Views Your Profile?

Why Spotify Don't 
Notify You When 
Someone View
Your Spotify

Due to privacy concerns and user experience, Spotify won’t notify you when Someone views your profile.

  • User privacy: Spotify does not send notifications when Someone views your profile, giving users more privacy control.
  • User Experience: Sometimes notifications can overwhelm, and selectively excluding notifications related to profile viewing keeps the focus on music listening.

Spotify is not a social media platform like Tiktok, and it primarily focuses on providing its users with the best listening experience. So that’s why there is no profile viewing Notification option.

Can I See Who Played My Playlist on Spotify?

No. The playlist notification feature is also unavailable on Spotify, so you won’t know who played your playlist.

Remember, notifications like followers, profile viewing, playlist viewing and saving, etc., are unavailable on Spotify. It’s because of the Spotify policy, which considers the user’s privacy.

The only notification you get on Spotify is of new releases, discover weekly, podcast updates, playlist updates, recommendations, concerts, and events.

Spotify only shows you notifications related to music rather than keeping track of others’ data.

How To Find Out Who Has Followed You

How To Find Out
Who Has 
Followed You

Spotify app doesn’t notify you when Someone follows you, but you can see that user using your Spotify settings. 

Follow these steps to find out who followed you:

  1.  Launch Spotify and head over to Settings by tapping on the Gear icon. 
  2. Tap on your profile. 
  3. Click the follower options and see who’s new there.
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Does Spotify Notify If I View Other Profiles?

No. Spotify keeps it secret and doesn’t notify you when you view other profiles or follow them.

As I mentioned, Spotify primarily focuses on providing its users with the best listening experience. So, it won’t provide any notifications that compromise users’ privacy.

While researching this article, I found several websites that recommended using some online tools to find Spotify profile visitors. 

However, there is no such feature, and all these websites claiming to track Spotify profile visitors are scams. Avoid them at all costs.

Does Spotify Notify If I Listen To Other Playlists?

No. Spotify app doesn’t notify you when you listen to others’ playlists because it’s not Spotify’s privacy.

One of the most amazing features of Spotify is that it is concerned about its user’s privacy and always takes steps to protect it.

You can listen to other playlists without knowing them. Similarly, you can, too, create a playlist and let others enjoy the same.

Below each Spotify playlist name, you’ll find the number of followers. But if you tap the followers’ option, you won’t know who is following it.

Can I View Other People’s Spotify Playlist?

Can I View 
Other People's 
Spotify Playlist?

Yes. Spotify allows you to view other people’s playlists, copy them, and create a private version of a public playlist.

Spotify has an amazing feature for discovering new music and playlist. To find the new playlist, use the search option and search for anything.

Spotify will display all the playlists based on the search query when you select the ‘Playlist’ button in the filter section.

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To add a playlist to your library, tap the three dots icon underneath its name and select ‘Add to your library’ or tap ‘Add to another playlist.’

Can I See Who Listened To My Spotify Playlist

No. Spotify doesn’t notify you when Someone listened to or liked your playlist and vice versa.

It’s because that Spotify encourages users to discover and share music. So when Someone listens to your Spotify playlist, you’re not notified.

Most importantly, I’m not hoping for such a feature from Spotify in the future, as it mainly focuses on music streaming without ruining Spotify users privacy.

Can You See Who Liked My Playlist on Spotify?

No. Spotify doesn’t tell you who liked your playlist because it’s against the policy. 

As I already mentioned, Spotify is concerned about users’ privacy and experience. From launching till now, it has not made any features or steps that put Spotify users’ privacy at risk.

Spotify only shows the total number of followers for a particular playlist, and that’s it. It even doesn’t show the name of followers who like the playlist.

How to Secretly Follow Someone’s Playlist on Spotify

As Spotify won’t notify the person if you like Someone’s playlist, you don’t have to worry about following it. It’s a secret. Many spotify users ask to secretly follow someone’s playlist but that’s wrong, as it’s already a secret.

In Spotify, you can make a copy of a public playlist private if you have a same music taste, so that only you can listen to it.

Follow these steps to add Spotify playlists to your private playlist:

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your phone.
  2. Sign in to your Spotify account.
  3. Search for the playlist you want to add to yours.
  4. Once opened, tap the three dots icon underneath the playlist named and tap Add to another playlist.
  5. From here, select an existing playlist or create a new playlist.
  6. Your existing or newly created playlist will now contain all the songs in the selected playlist.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify Profile?

No. Due to Spotify’s limited nature and policy concerns, you cannot see who viewed your Spotify profile.

Is There A Way To Find Out Who Viewed Your Spotify Profile?

No, there’s no alternative way to find out who viewed your Spotify profile. You can only see your followers’ names.

Does Spotify notify you when Someone views your profile?

No. It’s also against Spotify policies to notify you when Someone views your profile. Spotify mainly focuses on users’ music streaming and listening experience rather than tracking their profile metrics.

Does Spotify Provide Any Analytics On Profile Views?

No. Unlike social media platforms, Spotify doesn’t show any analytics on profile views count as it’s a music streaming platform.

Can Artists See Who Has Viewed Their Spotify Profile?

No. Artists can’t see who has viewed their Spotify profile. They can only see the number of followers and their names.

Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone?

No. Spotify No, Spotify doesn’t notify users when you follow Someone.

Final Words

The whole article concluded that you cannot see who viewed your Spotify profile due to Spotify’s limited nature and policy concerns.

Hopefully, now you should know about your question, “Can you see who views your Spotify” and all the related queries.

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