10 Tips to Master your Stage Presence

When it comes to live performance, it’s not only about you, it’s also about your audience and how you will make them feel. Knowing the lyrics is good but the ability to command attention, connect with the audience  and keep them engaged is an art in and of itself. So let’s dive in! Here are some tips:

Improve your confidence.
Performer’s energy is the driving force behind every show and great stage presence is always marked by confidence. So developing confidence is one of the most important skills for a performer. There are many different techniques like positive affirmations, breathing exercises or self-recording. A little bit more about that.
Record yourself
As a live performer you should be constantly reviewing your sets so you can improve and see your mistakes. Get someone to record your show so you can review it after and see how you look. It will give you the audience’s point of view. Audio recording would also be helpful for improving your vocal technique and sound. The more you do this the more comfortable you will get with songs.

Identify what your strengths are and what makes you unique. Take steps to improve your weaker areas, get out of your comfort zone in order to find yourself and your true talent.  Asking someone what they love and find interesting about you is also a good practice.

Mic Work

A very common mistake that novices make is forgetting to sing into the mic and putting it away. Remember to keep it just a few inches away.

Practicing with a microphone will boost your stage confidence. Get used to it, feel it, play with it. Listen to your voice on monitors and get used to its sound. Dress rehearsal.
Think about outfits beforehand. You have to be the coolest person in the room. Be creative and wear something interesting, yet comfortable. Practice in your outfit in advance and be mindful of your footwear. Comfort comes first, the style comes after.

Plan and practice the entire show

You definitely want to go into performance with a plan. Run through your set so you will get a better understanding of your material. In order to avoid awkward pauses in your performance keep your crowd engaged in between your songs with short intros, talking points that could also be prepared in advance.

Watch and learn
You can learn a lot from other performers. By watching other shows you can borrow techniques and tricks, but try to find your own way  and what naturally fits your personality. Learning how to eliminate the silence will cut the awkward moment on the show.

Engage with the crowd

Making the audience participate in your act can be very effective. Always welcome the crowd, thank them, make eye contact, work with each and everyone of them. Working with each part of the crowd will create a strong connection between you and your listeners. Fill the whole venue with your shared energy. Being closed off and avoiding eye contact the entire show is not a good idea

Vocal lessons
Vocal classes are not only improving your voice, they also can help with confidence. Professionals will guide you on how to act in front of an audience, your body language and facial expressions, as well as make your vocal technique stronger. It is always helpful to be coached.

If it doesn’t seem like you’re enjoying the show, how would the crowd?
Enjoy yourself and the audience will catch up! During the show you don’t have to think about anything else except delivering your message. 

Shine! and Best of Luck to you at your Next Show!